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 Hi there! I'm Alyssa, a wedding & portrait film photographer based out of St Louis, MO with my husband, our two kids, and our three pups. 

  When I became a mom, I had my hands full taking care of two tiny ones, but I  quickly discovered that I loved documenting their every precious milestone and moment. It was during those first few sleep-deprived, wondrous years that I discovered the true value of photography, and I was hooked. Photography has become my outlet for showing my appreciation for all of life's everyday miracles, as well as creating meaningful lifelong connections with my clients that I adore.  

  I started incorporating film into my work because, in addition to its timelessness and fine-art style, film has a way of making us slow down and create with enhanced intention and attention to detail. Photography is poetry in images, and film helps support my creative process. I strive to create a fun, relaxed, and uplifting experience with each session, which I hope reflects in the finished images. 

About Alyssa 

Quick facts about me: 

-I am an Arizona native, and moved to the St Louis area almost two years ago. We are enjoying all four seasons for the first time, and every day there is something new to experience! However, I travel back to Arizona as often as I can to soak in the warmth of the endless sunshine and get my cactus fix. (I have a slight obsession with saguaros.)

-Traveling & exploring has always been a passion, and I have trekked around half of Europe and most of the United States! I hope to visit many, many more places again soon.

-I am married to my high-school sweetheart, and we have been together for over 13 years.  

-On the weekends, we'll be in our Jeep Wrangler exploring every dirt road we can find. We just can't get enough outdoor adventure!! 

-When I'm not traveling or shooting, my favorite thing is to curl up with a nice cup of coffee, my kids, my husband, and my dogs and watch a marathon of New Girl or The Office.